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Whether you are new to yoga, want to relieve pain or stress, explore meditation, deepen your physical practice, or tailor your own daily home routine, Miriam's compassionately challenging approach will take you to the next level.

With both a depth of understanding rooted in ISHTA Yoga [ishta:​ personalized, or 'that which resonates with the individual spirit' in Sanskrit] and a precise groundwork based in the principles of Shadow Yoga, Miriam offers private, group, and corporate classes for every level and interest.​​​​​


build strength

expand flexibility

look inside

find balance

create space

come to presence

discover who you really are.


Yoga is the science of feeling whole again: Miriam invites students to join her on the mat, come back to themselves, and rediscover the space, stillness, and natural joy that live within us at each moment.



pricing |   privates begin at $100 • corporates begin at $150

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